Mission, Vision & Values

Our Core values highlight what’s important to us as and guide how we behave to help us to achieve our mission.


We enthusiastically share our ideas with our students, parents, and colleagues and, because we believe that every child deserves trustworthy advice and guidance.


Having people work together, is a foundational philosophy that we have nurtured and practiced over time. This applies to the advisors we work with, and the partners we are engaging with.


We are receptive to new ideas and experiences. We remain inquisitive and are receptive to feedback from teens, parents, and teachers without prejudice.


We are dependable; not only for creating content that is good, worthwhile, and valuable, but also for how we carefully manage the relationships we develop with institutions, parents and teenager.


It is part of our ethos of not just doing things right, but doing things in an exemplary manner. We pride ourselves in serving as a desirable model of for teen advice and guidance.

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