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Our History

Our Journey Through Time

Time has a way of flying by, doesn’t it? 

It feels like just yesterday that our journey began in the year 2006 when we enrolled our very first student. Our story unfolds from a chance encounter between our founder and a concerned parent, who had been referred to her by a school principal. This serendipitous meeting took place during a teacher’s seminar at Parklands Sports Club in Nairobi, where our founder was a keynote speaker.

In her presentation, our founder passionately discussed the challenges of learning difficulties and how to identify students grappling with such issues. Armed with the knowledge gained from the seminar, several teachers were able to identify specific cases of students with learning difficulties in their classrooms. These teachers reached out to the principal, who in turn contacted the parents of these identified students. The principal, recognizing the need for specialized assessment, referred those willing parents to our founder.

Initially, three parents booked assessments for their children. It became evident that the complexity of their needs demanded a multi-disciplinary approach, involving experts from various fields to accurately assess the extent of these difficulties.

During this time, one parent, whose child was in class seven, sought not just answers but also a way forward. He didn’t want to know only why his daughter, Wangari, was struggling academically; he wanted an intervention. Together with our founder, they agreed upon a fee and a series of sessions. Wangari’s journey was far from easy – for an entire term, she grappled with reading and writing. However, with unwavering determination and guided practice, she gradually honed her skills. The eagerly awaited end-of-term exams arrived, leaving both parents and teachers filled with anticipation. Would the intervention program work?

Teachers rushed to grade Wangari’s papers, hoping to witness any improvements. The English composition paper revealed fewer mistakes in letter and word mixing, refined thought processes, and timely completion of the exam. Wangari had indeed improved, and this success story extended to all subjects, save for Mathematics.
The triumph with Wangari prompted numerous parents to seek our assessment services and programs. Consequently, we expanded our team to include professionals such as psychologists, special needs educators, medical doctors, and sociologists, enriching our mentorship program.

In 2007, we received an invitation to work with a class at Butere Girls in Kakamega County. This marked the beginning of our services spreading to schools in the former western province. In the same year, we were contracted to assess students and develop a comprehensive self-esteem and academic confidence-building program for a girls’ school in Busia.
In 2008, we undertook a rebranding effort and introduced additional programs alongside our core mentorship, including a Positive Discipline program for teachers and Effective Exam Preparations, Effective Student Council Leadership and School Peer-Counselor training for schools. We also began sharing our knowledge through published books. Our first book Effective Study Skills, sold 7 copies.

By 2009, we had expanded our reach from Nairobi to Eastern, Rift-Valley, Western, and Nyanza Provinces. We published more students support handbooks.

For over 17 years now, since our inception in 2006, we have actively collaborated with schools, conducting programs, engaging with teachers, parents, and students, while accumulating valuable insights and data on learning, student issues, and school management.

Starting in 2020, during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic and the temporary closure of schools, we embarked on a new endeavor. Drawing upon the wealth of data gathered since 2006, we meticulously analyzed and interpreted this information. The results and revelations from this process led to a restructure and revitalization, transforming us into the forward-focused Ushauri Mentors we are today.

Since our inception, we have witnessed transformative changes in countless students’ lives, brought joy to numerous families, and positively impacted over 200,000 students, many of whom have grown into fulfilled adults and professionals in the Healthcare, Business, Law, Agriculture, Education, Engineering and Creative Arts sectors of our economy, among others. Our journey continues, and we are excited about the future possibilities that await us.

However, we recognize that our story is not complete without your participation. We invite you to explore our current programs, contact us for more information, or discover how you can be part of our mission to empower students and families.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our history, and we look forward to sharing a brighter future with you.