Our Story

Created and maintained by Educationists, Psychologists and Counselors, Ushauri Mentors is a community of professionals, adolescent specialists, parents and caregivers who collaborate, contribute, review, and refine content that advice and guide students towards their success at school and beyond. 

Ushauri was developed over a period of three-years. During this period, our founders actively engaged with teenagers, parents and educators. In these engagements, they collected data, evaluated guidance approaches and organized evidence-based strategies that work with teenagers. These enabled them to set up an effective out of the box teen advice and guidance service. 

Under a different name, Ushauri launched in Kenyan schools in 2008 and has transformed thousands of schools and students across the country. Ushauri Guidance curriculum and coaching methods are aligned with teen’s mentorship standards. 

Since inception, Ushauri has grown from a single program based service to a multiple programs with improved features to help provide a more well-rounded guidance experience for students, and make it a trusted platform for schools, parents and families. Ushauri is an online community of resourceful persons drawn from the fields of education, psychology, counseling and parenting. 

Together, we offer advice and provide guidance to teenage students. Our high-quality curriculum focuses on building academic skills, Career choice, Life Skills, Health Literacy and Leadership for students as well as time-saving tools and useful resources for parents. 

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