One of our core values is collaboration. We are open and willing to join hands with schools for the benefit of teenage students. Our partnership with schools expose students to more diverse learning opportunities and Ushauri mentors’ resources, offer continuity in guidance services across multiple years, and raise the potential to improve student social and academic outcomes.

The benefits of partnership extend to schools as well. We offer external reinforcement of skills among teachers, an improved school culture and reputation, and added resources and staff support.

The inclusion of parents in our guidance service tend  to increase parental engagement at a school, which can promote student success as measured by grades, attendance, attitudes toward school, motivation, and graduation rates.

Your partnership with us enables students and teachers to access premium content, tailored programs and constant consultation with experts. Your membership gives you access to resources, discounted programs, the latest news and research in the profession, and the ability to connect with a network of expert and colleagues.

Work with us

Would you like to benefit from our partnership? Do you need support with Student Council, Academic Achievement, Career Assessment, Life Skills or Peer Counselors? Microsoft Then you know who to call! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to have a conversation to see if we can be of any assistance. Give Daisy a call at +254-736820848 or contact her by e-mail at

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