A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

Great curriculum and resource materials are a big part of what families love about Ushauri. And our advisors and teachers help families bring it all together. Explore how online learning, powered by Ushauri Mentors, works, what to expect from us, and how you get to be involved as your teenager’s support:

Our virtual guidance curriculum is rooted in the principles of how teenagers learn, while our online platform harnesses the power of 21st-century technology to make guidance come alive. In addition to structured guidance courses, students can choose from a wide variety of skills building resources including social emotional skills courses. All programs are designed to help your student find the right advice, guide and tools that empower them to follow the path through to success at school, home, and beyond.

Our Curriculum Quality Principles


We believe that a well-designed curriculum is essential in advising and guiding teenagers. With clear standards and objective, our guidance curriculum is designed and sequenced to address and meet the needs of teenage students.


We understand that even the best of the curriculums will not have an impact if it is poorly implemented. Our coverage of the curriculum allows all students to access the content and make progress through the curriculum.


Achievement and transformation of students is our key priority. Through the well designed and implemented curriculum, we can change the thoughts, feelings, perspective, convictions or behaviors of a teenager.

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Rich and engaging  curriculum with hundreds of lessons in social and emotional learning, leadership skills, character,  and more. 

Learning program personalized to help them succeed

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