Intent on creating a more effective way to deliver advice and guidance services to young people, a group of professionals from different but complementary specialties, came together in 2005. They spent three-years collecting and organizing evidence-based strategies that enabled the development of an effective out of the box teen advice and guidance service.

Under a different name, Ushauri launched in Kenyan schools in 2008 and has transformed thousands of schools and students across the country. Ushauri Guidance curriculum and coaching methods are aligned with teen’s mentorship standards.

Since inception, Ushauri has grown from a single program based service to a multiple programs with improved features to help provide a more well-rounded guidance experience for students, and make it a trusted platform for schools, parents and families.

Ushauri is an online community of resourceful persons drawn from the fields of education, psychology, counseling and parenting. Together, we offer advice and provide guidance to teenage students.

Our high-quality curriculum focuses on building academic skills, Career choice, Life Skills, Health Literacy and Leadership for students as well as time-saving tools and useful resources for parents. 

 Our Mission
To offer practical and reliable guidance that prepares teenagers for success in school, at home and in life.

Our Vision
We envision a world in which every student is prepared to succeed in school, at home and in life.


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Our Core values highlight what’s important to us as and guide how we behave to help us to achieve our mission.


We enthusiastically share our knowledge, expertise and ideas with our students, parents, colleagues and educators because really believe that every child deserves access to trustworthy advice and guidance to reach their maximum potential in their academics and life.


At Ushauri Mentors, openness is the mantra. We are receptive to new ideas and new experiences, our team are inquisitive and seek knowledge accommodating, we are receptive to feedback from teens, parents their schools and we are accessible to all without prejudice.


At Ushauri Mentors, having people work together and tapping into their wisdom for the benefit of our young people, is a foundational philosophy we have nurtured and practiced over time. This applies to the advisors we work with, the solutions we deliver, and also to the partners we are engaging with.


Our Ushauri system, structure, component, process, or advisors will successfully and consistently provide advice and guidance. Their commitment doesn’t stop when they leave the office at the end of each day. We continuously cultivate a deep sense of trust by creating content that is good, worthwhile, and of value.


Exemplary is at the heart of how we do everything. It is part of our ethos of not just doing things right, but doing things in an exemplary manner. We pride ourselves in serving as a desirable model of teen advice and guidance. This is Instrumental in developing tools, programs and resources to advice and guide teens.

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