Curriculum Overview

Ushauri works with adolescence service practitioners for every guidance area, to deliver informative, factual, unbiased, practical and inclusive materials to our students nationwide.


At Ushauri Mentors we believe that providing a broad, engaging, and deep range of learning and guidance experiences is essential for the development of the young people who join our program. A well-planned curriculum, delivered through excellent teaching will provide our students the opportunities to excel at school and beyond.

Our curriculum is designed by educationists, psychologists, and counselors who have actively worked with schools and adolescents. Their combined experience together with inputs from parents and teenagers makes it possible for the curriculum to students with the motivation, attitude, skills, and knowledge. We implement our guidance curriculum in a manner that offers breadth and depth, and ensure students are not held back by lack of access to good advice or resource constraints.

Our curriculum framework addresses seven broad and interrelated areas of competence. These areas organized and delivered through the Ushauri guidance programs. The seven interrelated sets of competencies include: academics guidance, career guidance, life skills, and health literacy for students. Additionally, the other two, namely; leadership and peer counselors are available to affiliated schools.

Our Curriculum Quality Principles


We believe that a well-designed curriculum is essential in advising and guiding teenagers. With clear standards and objective, our guidance curriculum is designed and sequenced to address and meet the needs of teenage students.


We understand that even the best of the curriculums will not have an impact if it is poorly implemented.  Our coverage of the curriculum allows all students to access the content and make progress through the curriculum.


Achievement and transformation of students is our key priority. Through the well designed and implemented curriculum, we can change the thoughts, feelings, perspective, convictions or behaviors of a teenager.