This section offers a variety of advice-giving resources for students to help them develop the learning skills needed to become successful learners, able to face challenges and achieve their best during their time in school. Students of all levels and abilities, even very high achievers, often need support and/or advice to achieve their best. Ushauri can give that support. Students enrolled in the Ushauri program develop academic skills which enable them to become more confident, improve the way the study and get better grades.


Learning Skills


Learning Skills

Study Skills, Revision, Time Management, Exam Taking, Note-Taking, Memory, Concentration, Reading, Group Study,

Learning Attitudes & Habits

Classroom Habits, Homework Strategies, Self Belief, Affirmations, Positive Attitude, Routines, Visualization, Effort, Academic Persistence

Academic Motivation

Setting Academics Goals, Self Drive, Maintaining Focus, Adjusting to School, Class Attendance, Handling Academic Frustrations,


Consulting Teachers, Self Evaluation, Academic Confidence, Lessons from Top Achievers, Learning Styles, Understanding Your Syllabus

Featured Advice

Just Do It, Don’t Procrastinate

In academics, you may experience a nagging form of inaction, procrastination or outright laziness. To overcome these momentary forms of negative behavior, you need something to jumpstart you into action. This could be a thought or a word that triggers your desire to get into action. You can use words of affirmation or a thought that is powerful enough to propel you into the right frame of mind to engage in learning activities with a passion.

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Setting Academic Goals

By simply having a goal, you gain something that motivates you to achieve your desires. Your ability to attach meaning to your deepest desires results in a level of motivation that is greatly overstated but little understood: passion. This passion is a key ingredient for breeding and sustains a high level of self drive.

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Desire versus Drive How Self-Motivated Are You?

In very many instances, drive is often confused with desire. A desire is similar to a wish, it simply means that you want or crave for something. On the other hand, a drive is the combination of a desire and the readiness to take action or do what it takes to get it.

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The Law of Sacrifice

As you strategize on how you will attain academic excellence, what kind of sacrifices are you willing to make? For example, you must be willing to give up your bad habits, to give up your instant gratification up for long term success in your life.

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