We understand that high school students need academic, career, life skills and health guidance now more than ever. Yet the realities of inadequate resources, staff shortage and high cost of guidance programs limit your schools capacity to provide timely, sufficient and developmentally appropriate guidance.

As an ‘outstanding teen guidance service providers, we believe we have much to offer schools.  We have developed a number of successful guidance initiatives at Ushauri which we are very happy to share with schools across the country. In addition to the online version, we also offer customized on-site coaching and consultation services. This allows our partner schools to address their specific needs at a pace that works for their staff, parents and students, ultimately leading to whole-school transformation.

Affiliate with Ushauri Mentors

By affiliating with Ushauri Mentors, your students will have the opportunity to take Ushauri Mentors guidance programs, in addition to your school access to a team of experts with experience in adolescence and learning issues.

If you are a Kenyan school not currently affiliated with Ushauri Mentors, fill out the New Institutions form. In order to affiliate with Ushauri Mentors, your school must have an active registration status.

Affiliate with us today to expand guidance options to your private school students. If you wish to renew your affiliation, email to receive a link to your agreement.

We offer institutions with concrete and evidence-based guidance resources and support in seven main areas:

(1) students council leadership resources and trainings;
(2) peer counselor’s resources and trainings,
(3) Access to G & C resources,
(4) weekly topics and motivation,
(5) Academic resources,
(6) Career information and assessments for your students
(7) Life Skills guides and resources.

Guidance Resources For Schools


Build school leadership and student council capacity to transform the school environment so that students and teachers can flourish at all levels

Peer Counsellors

Well structured support, trainings & ready-to-use resources to help peer counselors develop the knowledge, attitude and skills that drive schoolwide wellness

School Resources

Well-supported teachers in schools can help foster a sense of ownership and purpose. Access evidence-based resources to support members of your school community
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