Peer Counselors

Peer Counsellors Resources


Our peer counselors’ guidance program has training opportunities and a resources library that includes pre-recorded webinars, podcasts and tools that help students develop an improved sense of well-being, social confidence and health behaviors.

A well informed peer support programs enhances the effectiveness of school counseling programs and can improve students’ academic achievement and social supports. That’s why we have left nothing to chance, we have put together materials that are helpful and focused on assisting students with social/emotional or academic problems.


Listen to advice from skilled teachers and stay informed about current peer issues


Watch videos containing several important items you will need to know to be successful in your task


Get your professional guidance when and where you want it with interesting insights


Access and use tools to make your peer counseling tasks easier and successful


Read articles dealing with trends, "how-to" topics and other issues of interest


Receive regular tips, continue learning and have your questions answered by experts
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