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Empowerment Begins With 

Ushauri Mentors’ assessments chart the course for maximizing learning potential and fostering the development of social and emotional competence.

Our mentorship is rooted in the belief that a comprehensive understanding of an student’s strengths, weaknesses, and unique needs is essential for effective and personalized mentorship. Our assessments therefore, serve as the foundation for informed decision-making, and tailoring our mentorship process to best meet the student’s requirements.

Our Assessments


This assessment mainly focuses on gaining valuable perspectives into how a student learns, identifying strengths, attitudes and areas for improvement in the learning process. 


This assessment identifies a student’s career- related interests, skills, strengths, values, and aspirations. It aids the process of making  informed decisions related to college and career choice


This  assessment evaluates a students socio-emotional and behavioral aspects of  well being. It aims at providing insights that contribute to enhancing a  sense of well-being.

Why The Assessments

Because we believe in empowering students with personalized strategies and tiered interventions.

Customized Approach

The assessment allows for a thorough understanding of the student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and preferences. This information enables our mentorship program to be highly customized, addressing the unique needs of each individual.

Data-Informed Strategy

The assessment provides valuable data that informs the mentorship strategy. This data-driven approach allows mentors to make informed decisions, track progress effectively, and adjust the mentorship plan as needed based on the student’s evolving needs.

Targeted Intervention

With a pre-assessment, mentors can identify specific areas where a student may need extra support. This targeted intervention ensures that time and resources are focused on the areas that will yield the greatest impact, optimizing the overall mentorship experience.

Commitment To Value

Our program is committed to providing real value, that’s why we emphasize assessment before mentorship and coaching. Its only after understanding of your child’s unique needs that we can develop personalized strategies and implement a structured plan for their improvement.

Ushauri Mentors is dedicated to fostering the holistic development of students through a proactive and personalized approach to identifying student strengths. Our mentorship sessions empower students  with tailored strategies and tiered interventions, carefully designed from the findings if the comprehensive assessment.

Assess Your Strengths 
Discover yourself, evaluate your skills, interests, and goals. then set achievable objectives.

Focus Your Guidance 
Use the results to tailor your guidance. Choose resources to address specific needs.

Monitor Your Progress
You can track your progress effortlessly, stay motivated, and identify areas for improvement.

Assessment Done

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