About Ushauri Mentors

In African families and communities knowledge was deemed essential for each generation and was passed on successively to the next generation. There was a well-established indigenous ways of helping teenagers to develop self management, self awareness, responsible decision making, social and emotional skills. Elderly people who, not only had the necessary wisdom and experience, but were also adorned with social competences and skills had distinct ways of assisting their younger generation to grow into well rounded and responsible individuals.

Ushauri is founded on the African principle of collective approach towards sharing knowledge and giving guidance. Across traditional African societies, the three cooking stones in the kitchen fireplace, worked together to support a cooking pot. Our approach mirrors this African aspect. The three cooking stones symbolize the (1) Teachers, (2) Parents and (3) the Other Professionals we involve in supporting the pot of holistic growth ingredients. The Pot represents Our Ushauri platform, from which individuals access a generous serving of well cooked advice and knowledge.

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