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About Us

Your Partners in Student Success

We are a dedicated teen guidance company specializing in providing essential guidance and support to students throughout their learning. As your trusted partners, we offer comprehensive assistance through a team of mentors and advisors with diverse backgrounds in education, psychology, adolescent health, and parent coaching.

What We Do

We apply our diverse range of expertise to develop and implement a comprehensive student guidance program that empowers adolescents aged 12-18. Our work draws from traditional areas of education, psychology and adolescence health.

We specialize in igniting motivation, shaping growth attitudes, sharpening skills and building knowledge relevant to learning, career exploration and personal development. As a result we improve learning and performance in our clients. We do this through interactive in-person and online lessons, workshops, self-paced guidance, one-to-one guidance/coaching, podcasts, recorded lessons, short courses, blogs and a huge range of resources.

Why Ushauri Mentors?

In an ever-evolving world, we recognize that our schools, no matter how dedicated, cannot single-handedly fulfill all the unique guidance and support needs of every learner. 

We exist not as a replacement for schools, or family support systems but as a crucial partner in the holistic development of our students. Our aim is to complement and reinforce the guidance and support provided by families, communities, and schools outside our walls.

Join us in this educational adventure, where guidance leads to empowerment, and empowerment leads to a brighter future for all.

Our Impact

Over 200k students, parents and educators have been impacted through our direct engagements and resourced experiences!

Whether you’re a student looking to excel, a parent eager to support your child, or a teacher striving to empower your students, we are committed to your success. Our program fosters collaboration between students, parents, and teachers to create a supportive and effective learning ecosystem.