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Ushauri Mentors provides reliable guidance, resources, and tools to assist teenagers in achieving academic and life success. Our team of educators, psychologists, counselors, and parents provide articles, podcasts, videos, and interactive resources. Our content is engaging, easy to digest and simple to apply for teenagers, their parents, and schools. Topics include; academics, career paths, life skills, leadership, and health literacy. We have answers to hundreds of teen and parenting questions available whenever and wherever you need them.

If you want your students or teen to improve their academic performance, get a trustworthy guide to higher education options, and develop self-motivation, responsibilities, and resilience, Enroll today.

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Enjoyable and practical advice designed to provide an exceptional experience.


Explore a variety of  resources to help you understand and guide your teen.


Resources that transform research into classroom-ready strategies.

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Ushauri Mentors’ structured teen guidance program includes elements that make the entire experience interactive and enjoyable without sacrificing the quality. Each article, piece of advice, newsletter, podcast, or video is designed to assist teenagers develop mindsets that lead to better grades, better behavior, and other positive outcomes.


Interesting Newsletters and Great Articles


To Informative Podcasts and Gain Valuable tips.


Self-Paced Videos and digital Lessons


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We have over 15 years of experience designing and delivering excellent guidance content. Our lessons and resources guide students towards behaviors that enhance the learning process and create a culture of college and career readiness.


We have assembled a team of experienced educators, psychologists, counselors, and parents as advisers. They contribute to the development of guidance programs, tools, and resources

High Quality

We created a program and established high standards for the guidance content. Our programs have been thoroughly researched, and our lessons consistently deliver solutions that transform individuals.


Rather than having to wait for special days for guidance, your registration gives your teen or students access to resources and cutting-edge programs that work-anytime, anywhere.

Questions and

Get expert answers to teens most burning questions . Whether you want to understand more about academics and career choices, or you want some guidance, we can help, just send us your question.

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