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Ushauri Mentors is a leading national provider of teen advice and guidance. Driven by a firm belief that teen guidance is about much more than intervention during a crisis, we offer young people unparalleled guidance and learning experiences, giving them a window to a world of success. It is our mission to deliver the highest possible standards of practical and reliable guidance that prepares teenagers for success an all across all areas of school life, home and careers.

Our unique educational model is all about partnership, as a result, we are confident that the young people who join us will reach and exceed their potential.

As the 21st century progresses, it is becoming increasingly more evident that academic knowledge is only one component of success and so at Ushauri, our role is to mentor and guide teens, to motivate and skill them in the art of learning, and to help them realize their true potential. Our programs and lessons go far beyond the narrow confines of the academic knowledge, to instill in all students social and emotional competencies and a passion for life-long love of learning.

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Guidance for 
Teens (Ages 13-18)

With guidance lessons  designed to stretch and challenge students, you can be sure of an active and transformative experience. We Help Teenage Students To; Identify and apply academic achievement strategies, Identify and plan for postsecondary higher education options, Develop social and emotional competencies and Build their school leadership capacities

Support for 
Parents of Teens 

Discover a wealth of teen parenting resources. Identify and apply the right support for your teen, Access resources that inform and  guide you on your teen’s post-secondary options and Connect with an active community of like-minded parents.

Partnership With 

Approximately 75 to 80 percent of teens are in need of guidance yet they do not receive it.

With a program designed to collaborate with schools, we  help schools to; Access resources that enrich their guidance efforts at school, Successfully improve academic achievement, Promote positive behavior and mental health, and Strengthen family-school partnerships, and improve school-wide assessment.

Inspiring  and

Ushauri makes learning fun with over 100 engaging lessons so far. There are lots of activities to develop learning skills, Improve mindsets and life skills.

Questions  and

Explore some of teen’s most interesting questions and discover expert solutions. Whether you want to understand more about academics and career choices, or you want some guidance, we can help, just send us your question.

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Support for teens, their parents and their teachers as they navigate major transitions and key life moments

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