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Empowering Educators, One Click at a Time

Students everywhere should be empowered to learn, to explore careers and to improve their personal well-being. We transform this vision into a reality by championing the very places where students invest the majority of their waking hours – their schools

With a rich history of successful student guidance and extensive research, we offer an invaluable resource that cannot be replicated. Our commitment to empowering schools nationwide is reflected in our distinctive approach, combining on-site and virtual support to ensure excellence at every level.

Discover the myriad ways our platform can uplift your school community. From guidance and counseling to career and academic departments, we seamlessly integrate with various facets of your institution. We’re here to strengthen school committees such as health and discipline committees, build the capacities of the student council and peer counselors, and foster the leadership activities of parent associations and boards of management.

Unlock Students Success With Our Transformative Support To Schools

 Guiding Excellence, One Assessment at a Time

In the world of education, understanding the unique potential of each student is like uncovering hidden treasures. At Ushauri, we’re passionate about helping you tap into that potential. Our Assessments & Tools are designed to be your compass in guiding students to their brightest future.

Our assessments aren’t just about data; they’re about insights that spark action and pave the way for students’ academic, personal well-being, and career development. We’re not here to just tell you what’s possible; we’re here to show you how to make it happen.

Ushauri Assessments & Tools are your companions in the journey of shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Discover the power of understanding and nurturing each student’s unique brilliance.

Unlock Potential with Ushauri – Where Every Assessment Unlocks a World of Possibilities.

Ignite Learning, Inspire Growth

At Ushauri, we believe that education is a journey of continuous improvement. That’s why we’ve curated a vibrant collection of Ushauri Workshops and Seminars to empower school administrators, decision-makers, and teachers like you. These interactive sessions are not just about acquiring knowledge; they’re about creating transformative experiences.

Our workshops and seminars are designed to unlock the full potential of both students and teachers. Dive into a world of motivation and attitude, enhance learning skills, explore exciting career opportunities, and build the skills to drive academic and personal well-being to new heights.

Ushauri Workshops and Seminars are more than just events; they’re catalysts for growth and excellence. Join us on this transformative journey, and together, we can inspire and create a brighter future for our students.

Elevate Education with Ushauri – Where Passion Meets Progress.

Explore. Learn. Thrive.

At Ushauri, we understand that education is not just a job; it’s a calling. Teachers, administrators, and decision-makers like you are the architects of our future, shaping young minds and building a foundation for success. That’s why we’ve designed our resources to empower you in your mission to nurture the academic, personal well-being, and career development of your students.

Ushauri Schools’ resources are your digital allies, designed to provide you with quick access to information, reference materials, and self-help tools. You’ll find inspiration, solutions, and practical advice to address your questions and challenges. We want to make your teaching journey as rewarding and successful as possible.

Browse our resource hub, unlock the door to new possibilities, and let your passion for teaching shine. Together, we can mold the future and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Ushauri Schools – Where Excellence Meets Education.

Praise For Ushauri Mentors  From Educators

“Ushauri Schools Hub has been a game-changer in my teaching career. The resources and support available through the hub have allowed me to provide more personalized guidance to my students. It’s a fantastic tool for creating tailored guidance lessons and monitoring their progress. I’m excited to see my students thriving academically, and it’s all thanks to Ushauri Mentors.” – Anne Stella, High School Teacher

“Ushauri Schools Hub is a valuable partner in our mission to prepare students for the future. The Career Guidance Dimension has opened up a world of opportunities for our students. They’ve had the chance to connect with professionals and explore various career paths. The impact is visible in their career choices and aspirations. This is a resource every school should have.” John Khaemba, HoD Careers

“As a high school teacher, I have found the Ushauri Schools Hub to be an invaluable resource for nurturing holistic development. The Personal Well-being Dimension has been particularly beneficial. It’s a safe space for addressing the emotional well-being of our students. It’s made a significant difference in their overall growth and happiness.”

Faith Njeri, High School Teacher

“Our partnership with Ushauri Mentors through the School’s Hub has transformed our school’s approach to mentorship. The customization and progress tracking have been a game-changer in creating a more responsive and effective mentorship program. Ushauri Mentors has made a positive impact on our students’ lives.” Samuel Mwangi, School Principal

“Ushauri Schools Hub has simplified the way we deliver mentorship and guidance. The well-organized resources, professional development opportunities, and networking options are invaluable. My students are more engaged, and their career choices are more informed. Ushauri Mentors is an essential part of our educational journey.”  Grace Achieng,  GnC School Teacher

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